Grace among the Ivy

SSA Photography (196 of 400)

I found this young seraph in my in-laws’ garden in Carmel, California, where the sound of the rolling waves of the Pacific drifts in laconically from just two blocks west.  Carmel is one of my absolute favorite places to take photographs, as you can see from my “Carmel” gallery.  The dense, dark verdigris of the ivy creates a perfect backdrop for the stone statue, which holds fresh sprigs of lavender which grows thick throughout the garden.  The angel’s head is bowed in a such a way that I feel as if I captured it tacitly considering the offering of lavender that my mother-in-law provided earlier that morning.  Despite the sharp monochromatic contrasts of the photograph, there is a deep sense of serenity to it.

Click here for a larger version.

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